Global PropTech Online #3: eight inspiring speakers about Smart & Healthy Buildings

On Tuesday 15 october 2019, Global PropTech Online #3 will take place. We are happy to introduce you to our eight speakers: Elizabeth Nelson (Head of Research & Innovation at Learn Adopt Build), Matthias Standfest (Founder & CEO of Archylise), Boy Lokhoff (Founder & CEO of Healthy Workers), Gavin J. Gallagher (Director at Earlsfront Group and East Point Management), Nikki Greenberg (Founder of Women in PropTech), Dipak Shah (CEO at Site 1001), Briana Garcia (Industrial IoT Business Development Associate at Temboo) and Jyothi Gupta (Spatial Data Scientist at Smart cities and Urban Analytics).

Underneath you can register for all the keynotes taking place on 15 October 2019:

Register here for: Elizabeth Nelson (09:00 – 09:30).

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Register here for: Matthias Standfest (11:00 – 11:30 CET). 

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Register here for: Gavin J. Gallagher (13:30 – 14:00 CET). 

Register here for: Nikki Greenberg (14:30 – 15:00 CET). 

Register here for: Elyse Carr (15:30 PM – 16:00 CET).

Register here for: Dipak Shah (16:30 – 17:00 CET)

If you are not able to attend the live sessions on 15 October but do want to be able to watch them on a later moment, then just subscribe for the speaker: we’ll make sure you are the first to receive the recordings of the keynotes by email!

Elizabeth C. Nelson PhD Candidate – Head of Research & Innovation at Learn Adapt Build:

Elizabeth Nelson is Head of Research & Innovation at Learn Adapt Build and a researcher finishing her PhD in biomedical engineering at the University of Twente. Her work focuses on proactive health through environments and technologies and her book The Healthy Office Revolution tells her unique story of burnout and mission to find a better way to work. She is now collaborating with universities around the globe to change workspaces such as Edge Technologies and do groundbreaking research.

Jyothi Gupta, Spatial Data Scientist at Smart cities and Urban Analytics (UCL CASA):

I am an Architect, Data Scientist and awarded Smart City Leader by World CSR congress. I have worked with L&T Construction, National Centre of Biological Sciences, a TATA Institute of Fundamental Research organisation, Synergy Property Development & Cognizant. I’ve handled project management business in India including prestigious projects like – Tech Mahindra’s office at ITC Building 6 & 7 in Electronic City, Flipkart’s office in Cessna Business Park,  Mercedes-Benz office in Embassy Crest, TCS office in Gopalan Tech Park, Whitefield and at Infopark , Kochi, Kerala; IBM office at Manyata Business Tech (G3 block), ANZ office at Manyata Business Park- Block 3 , Embassy Corporate office at EGL etc. and started my career in an architectural firm, LOCUS Architects and Planners. I’ve handled Big Data Analytics, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities and did my Internship at INSOFE on Big Data Analytics, ML, DL and optimisation including two years in Digital Securities Services in Cognizant. 

Dr Matthias Standfest, Founder & CEO of Archilyse: 

Matthias did his PhD in Architecture at the ETH in Zurich and at the Future Cities Lab in Singapore. His academic findings laid the foundation for Archilyse, a strongly research-driven ETH spin-off, which makes architecture and real estate quality measurable, comparable and understandable for everybody.

Briana Garcia, Industrial IoT Business Development Associate at Temboo:

Briana Garcia is passionate about the intersection of technology and environmental resources and is the smart cities, water, and nonprofit sales lead at an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) software startup called Temboo in New York City. Her objective is to collaborate with multi-stakeholders in the public, private, and civil sectors to harness the power of IoT to optimize an organization’s productivity and address larger sustainability goals. While acquiring her Master of Science degree from Columbia University, she focused on resilient cities and was president of a privately funded interdisciplinary technology and environment group. After graduation, she worked on the World Economic Forum’s Global Water Initiative team where she advanced the global dialogue of integrating disruptive technologies by designing c-suite executive meetings, pilot projects in developing countries, and co-authoring the “Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Water” report. Briana’s drive to optimize processes while benefiting the environment with IoT remains formidable, and she is always welcome to having a discussion.

Gavin J Gallagher – Director at Earlsfort Group:

Gavin is the Founder of CrowdHive Ventures a professional consulting & media business specialising in workplace design-build and operations to create dynamic corporate work environments that resonate and engage with a younger demographic. As the host of PropTech TV Gavin’s primary areas of focus are technology & innovation; workplace design; tenant & staff engagement; placemaking and how the workplace can support a mission-driven corporate culture. As Direcor of Earlsfort Group he is responsible for operations at EastPointDublin, an award-winning office campus which is home to more than 50 multinational occupiers including Google, Oracle, Vrigin Media and the 8-9,000 people they employ.

Nikki Greenberg – Founder Women in PropTech:

Nikki is the founder of Women in PropTech, the leading global organisation for women with an interest in innovation and the future of real estate. She entered the property industry through her established career in architecture, having worked with Lend Lease and Koichi Takada Architects. Nikki is passionate and devoted to charitable and not-for-profit endeavours. She is the chair of ULI New York’s Technology and Innovation Council. In 2015 she co-founded Propelle, a series of networking breakfasts for young property professionals. She previously chaired the Marketing and Public Relations Committee for the NSW Chapter of NAWIC. Nikki holds a Master of Commerce (International Business), Master of Architecture, and Bachelor of Architecture with Honours, all from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Elyse Carr – Wellbeing Specialist and Program Manager with Healthy Workers:

Elyse Carr is an organizational wellbeing specialist focused on improving employee wellbeing, holistically. As a Program Manager with Healthy Workers, Elyse has designed the B3 Well Model to communicate the various factors and domains that impact employee wellbeing. The model outlines how these factors interrelate, and how a workplace can measure, gain insight, and respond to employee needs in the most impactful way. She is passionate about integrating core business functions such as Facilities & HR Management to identify the root-cause of organizational culture issues, and where to focus to improve them.

Dipak Shah BSEE. MSEE. – Chief Executive Officer at Site 1001:

Accomplished, innovative Financial and Technology (FINTECH) SaaS leader with 30+ years of experience in Technology, Engineering, Sales and Investment Banking. Experience leading corporate, entrepreneurial, mid/stage and start-up business ventures. Success developing, leading and growing organizations from inception to IPO or sale that ranged from $40M-$750M.


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