Kyle Tooke

Kyle Tooke is the National Director of Sales for Smart Buildings and Workplace for ThoughtWire, a Digital Twin Platform provider for commercial real estate, healthcare, and smart city built environments.  Kyle is a passionate thought leader devoted to pushing the real estate industry forward and helping educate the market to better understand the real value and use cases digital twins can offer.  In 2020, he was recognized as a “Top 50 in Tech Leaders” for Digital Twin in Real Estate and currently spends his days consulting with fortune 1000 companies, municipalities, and healthcare systems to aid in their journey through digital transformation.

Futureproofing your Asset with Building Intelligence

A session discussing the obvious challenges in building management and how owners can rethink how they operate their assets and the relationship they have with their occupants.  We will share ideas on how the right technology solution will optimize the experience within a built environment whether they be management, tenant, employee or visitor.  This will lead to examples how ThoughtWire’s Smart Building Application suite powered by its in-memory graph database Digital Twin is being applied in practice. 





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