Oded Eliashiv                                                                   

Investment and Innovation Manager at Besadno Ltd and HFS.

High level strategist, negotiator and sales driven entrepreneur building business from ground zero. With over twelve years of experience in multinational high tech sales, OEM and strategic partnership deals. Experience in managing diverse teams in multiple locations. Experience in fund raising from strategic investors and venture capital firms.

An entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the mobile, Internet, media and consumer electronic markets, trends, evolution, technology and different global business aspects. Enforced with a strong vision and determination, experience and capabilities, he successfully brought to the market new products, IP and strategic partnerships.

Since the second half of the 1990’s started various ventures in the related markets turning his vision into reality with a constant eye on achieving strategic partnerships through the development phase going into the go to market phase. Realizing these objectives was and is centerpiece when approaching the different companies throughout the venture’s life cycle starting with the crystallization of the value proposition, understanding the market and value chain, building the team, raising the capital with clear milestones, development process and go to market.

Since 2011 involved in promoting sustainable development in Southeast Asia through the introduction of AgriTech and know how and applying new models that integrate strong economics while preserving the biodiversity and promoting social agenda in the developing and frontier markets.

Throughout the years, Oded has mentored various startups by the crystallization of their value proposition and go to market plan while putting a strong emphasize on executing the plans and achieving market access and recognition.

Oded brings to the table a 360 degree view as both an entrepreneur that successfully built companies from the ground up and went through all the life cycle of the a startup as well as leading investments and managing them from the perspective of an early stage investment firm.



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