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The higher the wellbeing of employees, the higher the business outcomes. One way to increase wellbeing is by ensuring that buildings cater to the needs of their inhabitants. Global PropTech Online #3 invited several speakers to share their views on the emergent phenomenon of “Smart and Healthy Buildings” through a series of webinars focused on how real-estate design can contribute to mental and physical health.

The first webinar was by Elisabeth Nelson (Head of Research & Innovation at Learn Adapt Build and a Researcher finishing her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente), who used her personal experience to address the burn-out epidemic and offer some perspectives on how tailoring buildings to the needs of the company and different types of employees may prevent overstrain and enhance creativity.

Jyothi Gupta (Spatial Data Scientist at Smart cities and Urban Analytics at UCL) came next and talked about Smart Cities and how data can be used to create positive changes in people’s welfare.

The third speaker, Matthias Standfest (Founder and CEO of Archilyse AG), shared his knowledge on the power of machine learning and how data can help us make evidence-based design decisions.

Briana Garcia (Industrial IoT Business Development Associate at Temboo) talked about what IoT is, how to implement smart technologies in aging infrastructure and how to approach the connectivity problem.

Gavin J. Gallagher (Director at Earlsfort Group) explained how buildings can help businesses with the War on Talent. Good employees are vital for the success of a business and beautiful and smart buildings not only increase staff retention but also attract jobseekers. Employees nowadays are looking for connection, community and contribution and if the space they’re working in can facilitate that, you’ve got a leg up as a company.

After this, Nikki Greenberg (Founder of Women in PropTech) used case studies of existing buildings to show what architects and engineers have done to promote and improve sustainability within the built environment.

Lastly, Elyse Carr (Program Manager at Healthyworkers) explained how a company can increase employees’ states from fine to thriving though building management, real-estate design, a positive working culture and HR.

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Many thanks to all participants and attendees!

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