Lifts: safe and post-corona ready

How to get lifts safe and post-corona ready

With the Corona-thread apparent in our daily lives, a lot of buildings were impacted. Their capacity was directly limited particularly due to the lift being the bottleneck. Under the current and foreseeable circumstances where distance and disinfection are taken into consideration, lifts allow on average between 10-20% of their actual handling capacity. As a result, offices, residential spaces, and the hospitality industry are struggling as the purpose of their buildings have degraded significantly. They have lost revenue, implemented drastic measures for people working in offices and are discovering the up- and down-sides of working from home on a daily-basis. So, how do we get lifts safe and post-corona ready?

It’s a small space…

Although the lift is the most efficient, safe, and comfortable means of transportation within buildings, the cabin is a relatively small space and Corona has undermined the belief in this piece of important technology upon which buildings largely depend. We have become used to buildings and our lives revolve around them. Without a proper and safe way to move in and around buildings, their value will decline and likely it will have a snowball effect on its surroundings and impact a lot of businesses and lives.

So what to do?

Specialists advise strongly that ventilation and disinfection are key in battling Corona. These 2 aspects have led Hundt Consult to THE solution within the lift cabin: ElevatAIR.

lifts safe post corona ready global proptech

What does it do?

ElevatAIR is a product that ensures clean and fresh air within lift cabins. Using Plasma filtering technology – a technique widely tested, proven, and applied in various medical situations – the air is cleaned 24/7 from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful particles in the air.

How does it work?

The ElevatAIR draws in the air through a fan. This is then led past the low-energy plasma field coils. This destroys any pathogens on a DNA level. First, an electromagnetic field deforms and then weakens the cell walls. Then the electron bombards the cell walls. Finally, the photon irradiation completely destroys the genetic material. This process is continuous and takes roughly 0.02 seconds.
The purified and germ-free air is then exhausted back into the lift through the ventilation grille. The dead pathogens are thereby rendered completely harmless and can no longer multiply. For this reason, ElevatAIR air purifiers can also be declared as a ‘medical device’. It is manufactured according to all relevant and applicable standards and is fully compliant with medical device directives. The ElevatAIR is absolutely harmless to humans, operates quietly, tirelessly and only requires 220V.

lifts safe post corona ready global proptech

Plasma is the winner

Plasma is not the only technique used to treat, filter, and clean the surrounding air. There are other means such as UVGI’s or HEPA filters to remove harmful particles. When comparing various methods and techniques available, it becomes apparent that Plasma is by far the most suitable solution available.
The ElevatAIR is easy to install and operate. It is very effective yet harmless for people. It is maintenance free and inexpensive to operate. There are no filters to be exchanged but still it purifies the air with precision and with considerable impact.

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