Network Unleashed

Who said virtual networking was impossible?

What do Global Network Unleashed ‘alumni’ say?
– “This was so good. Maybe even more effective than ‘real’ networking”
– “I met some amazing people. People I would have never met or introduced myself to in real life.”
– “Probably the best >International< Property & Proptech networking event I've been to!" - "Just participated in one of the best networking sessions of the last 6 months: interactive, truly global, high impact and fun!" - "Global Network Unleashed was the most productive and useful virtual networking event in which I have ever participated." Network Unleashed challenges you to be open to unexpected encounters and spontaneous inspiration for an hour. Virtual, 8 times a year. During this power session you will be automatically and randomly linked to different real estate professionals. In small groups of three, you can expand your network 4x 15 minutes at a time with 8 new, warm contacts. The topics of discussion? That is up to you. Ready for this challenge? Sign up today! PS: Bring your own wine, beer, bites & snacks 🙂





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